Property Owners

Isn’t it about time you enjoyed the benefits of property ownership without all the hassles? Property ownership should be pretty simple… buy some property, rent the property to a quality resident (who pays the rent on time), and enjoy the benefits of your investment- tax breaks, an appreciating asset, additional income.

But property ownership isn’t always simple. Sometimes the residents don’t pay the rent (on time or otherwise) — or worse, they damage your property. Then there are complaints, the “Midnight phone calls” for repairs, and trying to find a plumber at 2:00am. And don’t forget the administrative matters — record keeping, collections, and finding reliable vendors.

Some people genuinely enjoy managing their own property. But for those who want to enjoy the benefits of ownership without the hassles of maintaining the property themselves, there’s S & S Property Management.

S&S Property Management is committed to you, the property owner, to continually strive to offer the best possible service above and beyond your expectations enabling you to maximize your investment! You will find our primary philosophy is simple; We believe in providing personalized service in the spirit of a “Mom and Pop” hometown atmosphere at very reasonable fees!!

Property Owners

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