Meet The Team


To better serve our clients, we have departmentalized our office.  Although a majority of your questions or needs can be handled with our front office staff, this list will help you to understand each of our specific job duties:

Marie: Front Office

Jennifer: Scheduler

Jasmine: Application Processor

Anna: Assistant Application Processor

Tina: Maintenance Manager, maintenance on all occupied properties

Leticia: Property Transition Supervisor, in charge of the transition of vacant properties from move out to move in and itemizations of security deposits

Emily: Bookkeeper, processes rent payments, issues out owner statements and funds

Dave: Lead Property Manager- (North of office) West Sacramento and Natomas

Tim: Property Manager- (South of office) West Sacramento

Joe: Property Manager- Sacramento and Greater Sacramento Areas

Jeff: Realtor, Sales

Bill: Broker and Owner of S&S Property Management


If you are not immediately assisted by the front office, please leave a detailed message and we will forward it to the appropriate person. We will get back to you as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours.

Please keep in mind, you may always email us as well at [email protected].